By the Grace of Goddesses, may you blossom.

For the blossom to bloom, the conditions must be right.

Explore tools and experiences to cultivate the conditions right for you.

Lucia No. 3 Light Experiences

I firmly believe I would not be where I am today on my healing journey without my experiences with Lucia No. 3 Light. After concurrent diagnoses of C-PTSD, mold poisoning, and multiple chemical toxicities, I thought my body and my neurology would never be “normal” — that I would never live a fulfilling life. My first Lucia Light session was with a dear friend who facilitated for me on my birthday in 2020. I’ve since purchased her business, Lucia Light of Northern Arizona. I’m eternally grateful for the healing Lucia Light has helped me unlock and I want to share the experience with you!

Kundalini Yoga

I am so excited to teach the Yoga of Awareness in Flagstaff! Kundalini yoga is a beautiful way to tap into your inherent Divinity. A way to explore awareness of your body, mind, and soul. Kundalini Yoga provides a powerful clearing of the energetic, emotional, and physical bodies in order to create connections that are simultaneously deeper and higher.

Empowerment through Workshops & Ceremonies

Empowerment is where Remembrance meets right action. I offer public group workshops and ceremonies as well as private group and private 1:1 options. Through these offerings, I guide you through a deeper Remembering of yourSelf and the Divinity of the cosmos within you. These services are currently only available in Flagstaff on an intermittent basis. Full Moon Ceremonies begin again on November 26, 2023!

Sound Healing

Sound frequencies provide a map for the brain, energetic, and emotional bodies to attune to optimal function and release energies and emotions that no longer serve us.  Sound healing pairs beautifully with a Lucia Light journey! Ask me about adding it on to your Light session experience!

Give yourself Grace. Find your Inner Goddess.

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