Lucia Light Experiences

What's important to you?

Relief from PTSD, anxiety, depression, or other neurological or nervous system conditions?

A deep meditation or Inner Peace?

Relief from TBI or the potential onset of dementia?

Enhanced Creativity or Clarity?

Pineal Gland Activation?

A sense of wonder?

A psychedelic experience without the effects of a synthetic drug, plant, or animal medicine?

Set your intention with Lucia No. 3 Light and experience your Remembrance unfold.

Are you a First Responder, Mental & Behavioral Health professional, Veteran or Wildland Firefighter?

I offer a one-time 50% discount on the first 60-Minute session of Lucia N°03 Light to First Responders, Mental and Behavioral Health professionals, Veterans, and Wildland Firefighters.

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User Reported Benefits


Anxiety; Stress; Depression; Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD); Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD); Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)


Sense of Wholeness or Oneness, Inner Peace, Emotional Stability, Focus, Creativity, Intuition,  Physical Healing, Restful Sleep, Relationships, Self Esteem


The release of beneficial hormones (related to Health & Longevity), Pineal Gland activation, increased energy, inspiration, enthusiasm for Life, clarity, centeredness & balance, shifts in Consciousness, access to Alpha, Theta, and Delta brain wave states, inner visionary/ psychedelic Journeys, Astral travel

It is important to note that the Lucia N°03 is not a medical device; rather, it is a therapeutic light-guided meditation. It is not in competition with, nor a replacement for pharmaceutical drugs, clinical therapy, or any other medical intervention. It is a journey into consciousness.

Flagstaff Offerings

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Sedona Offerings

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General Expectations

A 60-minute session includes between 40 and 46 minutes of light and some time to integrate before leaving.

While each Light Guide offers slightly different ways of holding space, this is the typical format for a Lucia Light session with Stephanie.

Step 1 - Tune in

Stephanie will introduce the Lucia N°03 Light traveler to the experience and help you get comfortable - lying down on your back with your eyes closed.

Stephanie will offer the Lucia N°03 Light traveler a selection of music (if not scheduling a sound alchemy accompaniment) and then clear the energetic space with a smoke or essential oil spray cleanse while guiding your into your experience. Stephanie will then provide 3 demo sessions consisting of the gentle, moderate, and strong intensities.

A wide spectrum of intensities exist within the three general categories. Stephanie will check in with you to determine what felt resonant and intuitively select a session or sessions in alignment with you.

Step 2 - Let go

During session, the initial intention is to surrender. Let go of any fears or expectations. Surrender to the experience.

Stephanie recommends attempting to maintain a “third eye gaze” for an optimal experience. This takes practice! Allow the light in. Let any thoughts, visuals, emotions, sensations, smells that you may experience come and go like you would in meditation. Each session is completely different so trust that you will get exactly what you need in that moment. Even if you fall asleep, you receive the medicine!

Step 3 - Welcome Back

After the light turns off, take your time coming back. Slowly return and notice the differences that you perceive in your body mind, and spirit.

Share your experience with your Light Guide and ask any questions. Remember - it is all white light so whatever you see or experience is all uniquely created by YOU! I recommend you take at least 30 minutes to simply be present before picking up your phone or driving a car. Meditating or journaling are recommended at this point.

I recommend you to drink extra water and electrolytes as the light has stimulated multiple glands and neural pathways and quite a bit of energy has moved through your system. The brain is mostly electrified water and will be grateful for the extra care you provide! Eating yummy brain-supporting foods is also encouraged — eat the rainbow!

Maximize the Benefits

While 1 session with the Lucia N°03 can be powerful, a series of 6 or more sessions (with up to 3 sessions a week as is appropriate for the individual) is recommended to experience the full range of benefits and reset your nervous system. Lucia Light allows the Light Traveler to achieve slower brain wave states such as Alpha, Theta, and Delta waves. Each session with the Lucia N°03 is unique and with more sessions, you learn how to go deeper into the experience. Often, Light Travelers report having even more profound journeys as their time with Lucia Light continues.

By the Grace of Goddesses offers a Frequent Traveler program — get your 6th journey free (equal to the average time of the first 5 journeys).

Lucia Light is a unique and incredible journey…

and paired with sound alchemy, it reaches all new heights of co-creative greatness.

Light and Sound waves are both very healing modalities in their own rights. Adding sound to a light journey (or light to a sound journey!) brings the experience to a whole new dimension! The dynamic play between light and sound creates a journey unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Sound on its own provides deep, restful states and balancing of both brain hemispheres — with Lucia Light, the soundscape and lightscape merge to add a whole new dimension to an already unique and tantalizing experience.

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